His hands
His feet,
That pain that came within
Was emotional and was very deep.

Yet within His power
He could have called a fleet,
Yes a fleet of Angels
To charge and defeat.

This man called Jesus
Hung between two thieves,
Treated like a criminal
This man called Jesus?

As He hung their in pain
One of the thieves cried out,
“Are You not the Christ?
Save Yourself and us!”

The other cried out
“Do you not even fear God”,
We indeed are suffering justly
But this man has done nothing wrong.

Then this thief ask “Jesus remember me,
When You come into Your Kingdom”
Jesus replied, “Truly I say to you,
Today you shall be with Me in Paradise.”

His hands
His feet,
The suffering is over
And there has been a defeat.

Him shedding His blood
He then arose three days later,
Then later ascending to the Father
Is the defeat.

Are you ready for His return?
Are you ready and even concerned?
Are you ready for where you will go?
Then be ready for the ultimate show?

Betty Thomas 6/14/2019

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