Inspirational Articles

Uploads of sermons of Betty Thomas can be found in the Inspirational Articles. Also upload of the Study of Revelation you can find Revelation Chapter 11.

Moving a little faster tonight or  morning.

Thanks for coming to this site and returning.


I have put up in the Inspirational Articles an introduction of a book, “Somewhere Out There” that in the future I hope to get uploaded or published. I will be presenting introductions only at this time. Got a lot of uploading to do and learning more. I will return soon to the Study of Revelation on the Inspirational Articles along with more sermons. Thanks.

Website changes

Hello my friends.

I  am still here.  Some changes were made on my website. I wanted to give you a guide of how things will be handled in order to locate things from other site.

All stories, sermons, and my Christian writings will be located in the Inspirational Articles section.  Also the Study of Revelation will be located there.

On this section called Personal Website, I will be letting you know as I upload things where to find them..

It might take a little time to do the transfers but soon you will have more on the gallery, photography, books I have written, and recordings.

Thanks for the ones that have returned and the new people coming to this website.

Have a great weekend coming up.