Snow Storms In Louisiana

We were prepared for a blizzard and got one for Louisiana. We did not lose power or develop water problems. Near us did as close as probably 20 miles. We were on pins and needles waiting for the worse. The main issue for a lot of people or everyone is that we were totally isolated. The 1st storm gave us snow and just under freezing. Then the next one was ice and snow that turned into a block of ice everywhere. Still again around us close it stuck to the trees some but didn’t stick real good. I think by the time the snow got to us the wind blew it off the trees that were frozen. After it went to extremely cold to just below freezing, my grand and I went out for a short time to take pictures and enjoy the snow and slushy ice. Okay, it can stay North for the rest of the year. We now are expecting thunderstorms and large hail. As a famous quote from a move, “I’ll be back.” Be safe and have a great weekend coming up.

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