Answered Prayers

All my friends Tuesday were blowing up my phone. We have terrible storms coming. Everything with severe weather was reported for this area. Okay people in Louisiana, we have had enough of all the weather. So, I decided to contact my friend in Arizona for prayer for this area. Every time there are severe thunderstorms coming our way she prays for us. Each time the Lord moves the worse of the storm around us. Since I was a little girl bad storms always frightened me. This time I wasn’t as worried as everyone else seemed to be. We are in a double wide that is tied down really good. I was kind of concerned that the trees have really gotten big and all the storms have weakened a few of them. So on Wednesday morning we had a plan in place at home. I did call the friends on next property behind us if they thought we needed to come for this storm. We have had to take shelter before when weather was predicted to be bad. They told us to come soon enough if we decided to come. When the time came all my weather people and family were calling asking if we were in our safe place. The phone was blowing up again. I had decided that we might need to get to a safer location. We heading down the road to the friends behind us. As we were going up the hill the clouds were too close to the ground for my liking. We got into the gates and the phone alarm of tornado approaching. It was on top of us. Our friend had door open and we gathered our stuff to get into the house quick. We got in and he showed us the place they go that is always prepared and ready. We sat down watching the local weather. The phone alarm went off again and my granddaughter told us there was a jumper heading straight for us. We met these people 2 years ago after a tornado hit the back property of us and this friend. The next day after 2 warnings and damage the day before, came over to check on us. Here we were again but watching it from what they saw that day. They videoed it hitting both our property’s. I take pictures of the sky all the time so our friend and I went outside to watch the weather. I videoed one of the ones that touched down north of us that did damage. We saw several all over the area go down a little and go back up. I prayed all around the house like I had earlier at ours. I went back inside and he came in later and said 2 went over the house but didn’t come down. It finally got out of our area. One report after the other on the local channel. I know that a lot of people were praying for no more Lord please no more. This area has suffered 2 hurricanes, 2 snow storms and now this came. This is North Louisiana that gets bad severe weather from time to time but all of this and the other going on. Well the Lord Answered our Prayers.

Be safe and healthy.

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